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Laser, fire and dance show - Your products remain in memory

A very special kind of lasershow is the lightshow "Fusional Lights" featuring the dancers "Fantômes de Flammes". Fusional Lights is a light and laser show of the superlatives: mysterious creatures dance and juggle with luminous objects, which are accompanied by huge fire games depending on the location. The laser surrounds the whole show in many colors and shapes. This creates fascinating images that allow the senses to stagger!

Massive requisites in flames and powerful effecxts with fire, light and spraying sparks combine with epic movie sound into a unique experience. The fire and lasershow will be tailored exactly to the requests of your event, including e.g. burning letters or sparkling corporate logos. Let yourself be inspired by this unique combination of fire and lightshow and turn your event into an unforgettable experience for your guests!

Let yourself and their customers / visitors be charmed by this unique combination of laser light, dance show and fire. In extravagant fluorescent costumes, we display blacklight artistry and LED juggling at a high level: Admire the visualization of company logos, impressive partner acrobatics and imposing Hula hoops in our Lasershow Fusional Lights.

A fantastic multimedia show that is ideal for product presentations, company celebrations, trade fairs and all occasions.

Dance, laser and fire show