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Laser projection and animation for trade fairs - your products will be remembered


With laser grphics, you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowds of the other fairgrounds and create a unique view for your products. The laser projection offers an exceptionally high contrast which can not be reached with any other medium of this quality. Your presentation shines over the uniform rest of the measuring stands and makes you easily visible to everyone.

Sophisticated technology and programmed 3D effects attract the eye magically and shape a modern and future-oriented image. The graphic reduction to the essentials creates a high recognition value, which is particularly effective in the introduction of products and delimitation against the boring competition.

Take use of the advantages of laser projection and get a non-binding offer.
Since the laser projection does not have to be focused, it remains sharp even on rough and inclined surfaces. This even allows projections on such unusual elements as, for example, sheric objects.



Laser show ACLS laser

Our modern Graphic design studio:


In our new laser studio we can create your desired animation according to the latest technical standards. Come to us with your storryboard, or let us surprise you with our creativity! Creating laser graphics requires a lot of feeling for how certain elements have to be designed. Not everything is as easy to realize as in a video animation, since the projection with the laser unfortunately still has some physical limits. Too complex representations start to flicker too much, so much experience is needed to optimize an animation so that it can be projected rich in detail but still clean. With more than 25 years of experience and as one of the first companies to convert complex 3D graphics into laser animations, we are your contact for the presentation of your product or request. Above all, the right portion of wizz and feeling are, apart from the technically perfect implementation, what makes our work so unique. 1043 / 2048 Ein Service von DeepL English lernen online Alle Niveaus Individueller Lehrplan Zertifiziert Jetzt starten



3D eye-catcher