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The beam show - Light out of darkness

At events, it is important to create highlights that the viewer remembers for a long period of time. Classic fireworks have often achieved this effect, but fireworks can´t be shown in a closed room. A beam show has the same effect as an impressive fireworks show, with light and color creating a special mood and atmosphere. With a beamshow, darkness becomes light - impress your guests with this unique treedimensional experience! 

The size of the room plays almost no role in a laser show, the fantastic interplay of music and laser will inspire everyone and leave a lasting impression, especially since many people have never experienced a laser show before. In a beam show, the laser beams are made visible in space by fog and can therefore be placed at almost any location.

Our laser shows are all synchronized to individually selectable music and thus form a perfect composition of laser and sound, which surpasses any fireworks in the fineness of the choreography. We are happy to develop a creative concept for your event: This can be the installation of various music themes, the composition of suitable music titles for your graphic wishes or the complete development of a new idea tailor-made for the conditions at the location where the laser show takes place.