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Here you will find the our latest news about our work. From our laser shows to light art projects, Events - Dates and other news about our company. Just take a look around the articles and get an insight into our work. If you have any questions, we are of course always at your disposal.

Dive into the light! A Light Art Installation by Andreas Juergens


A light art installation in the church St. Ulrich in Munich Laim. The parish association Laim wanted to set a very special light sign at the beginning of the time of light in Advent. This is how the idea for the Light Art Installation in Immersion in Light came about on 30. 11. 2018. Here are the thoughts on the Light Art Project:

We are on the threshold of Advent. The dark season is marked by the hope for light that gives warmth.

Light surrounds us like a great lake and has always been a sign of life and hope. Light and water have something in common: it surrounds and, yes, surrounds us without depriving us of our freedom, and yet: let us enter into the light and the water changes. Just as the pre-Socratic philosopher describes it: "In the same rivers we rise and we do not rise. " With two slowly up and down moving surfaces of light, the parish of St. Ulrich in the parish association of Laim invites everyone to begin this time of light together.

The surfaces of pure light surround us. You wash us around like a surface of water, while the shadows of the other visitors create sharp contours and a constantly changing image. Just as every visitor changes the image for everyone else, so our actions change the lives of everyone around us, even if we don't usually notice it, because it goes under in everyday life. Every word, every gesture, every action influences the whole. The same goes for the welfare and suffering of our fellow men. Our life always casts a shadow, even if it is not always the same visible, becomes like here in our surfaces from light. 1641 / 2048 Ein Service von DeepL

The new LaserShow-Studio is ready!


The new Laser Show Room or the new Laser Show Studio is ready! Come and be enchanted for a moment in the almost 100 m² hall in Aidenbach. Here you can get your own impression of our work from now on. Dive with us into an unbelievable world of pure light that will also inspire you. Just give us a call and arrange your personal appointment. We are also happy to advise you about all the possibilities a laser show can offer you for your event. Information and photos about our lastest lasershows can also be found in the gallery.