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lasershows and light art - booking for every event

The special laser show and light art from Munich, Bavaria

Artistic & creative LaserShows - 30 years of experience. Book or rent with us your artistic and soulful lasershow for every event.

Inspire your guests in a very special and emotional way with a booked beamshow at your event.

"I´ve never seen a lasershow like this!" - We often hear that from our customers - because we always attempt to deliver every lasershow as close as possible to perfection.  An "OK" is never good enough for us - instead we care about every little detail during the implementation of the lasershows. Only this way, light art is being created as a highlight of your event, inspiring and electrifying both young and old.

Agencies welcome!
We gladly work with agencies and grant profitable discounts. For your customers we offer extensive consultation including all necessary paperwork with authorities and we produce graphic shows, lasershows and beamshows on the highest level. We like to commit ourselves to your existing agency concepts, bring our know-how experience to the table so your customers will be happy returning customers. A well scheduled long-term collaboration can prove very beneficial for both sides, if you choose ACLS Laser as your partner. Ask about agency prices and conditions - we are looking forward!

With 30 years of experience as a light artist, together with my team I will turn your event into an unforgettable experience which provides more than a technically correct composition. A suitable sense of the medium laser is what matters! Of course, only the most reliable modern laser tech is to be applied. All lasers are being maintenanced and checked directly before an event. For every lasershow, we bring an extra laser system for quick replacement for a maximum on reliability. So far, the extra laser system never was used by the way. Your event is a single happening that cannot be repeated just like that.

Since 1990 we have been successfully denveloping and realizing innovative ideas. Our long years of experience with numerous projects, commissioned by well-known clients, allow ACLS to provide you with a complete programm from a to z – e. g. from a detailed outline plan up to an installation on site, from elaborate graphic-show design, to spectacular laser-beam shows, from laser-special effects in film and TV to laser-art productions. There´s no limit to what we can do. Our reportiore ranges from small private shows to large open air events.

We also have experience in product presentation and image promotion for companies. We emphasize guidance for our cusomers. In show design, everything is done by us, with special focus on creative ideas and high-quality performance. All lasershows are created within our own studio focussing.

Here you can directly book your individually created lasershow. You are renting not only perfect tech, but also a lasershow with a lot of passion. We are looking forward to your call to guide you extensively.

A lasershow for the sake of the environment

Nowadays it is becoming a more and more important issue to think about environment sustainability of events and shows. The popular fireworks create a high amount of pollution both in noxious substances and noise. Therefore, fireworks were rightly covered negatively in the media. After the new year´s party, it is not oinly the obviously visible amount of waste, emerged by the use of fireworks but in the meantime also the fact that fireworks create a high amount of noxious substances in the air. Visitors of fireworks are exposed to dangerous fine dust that are exceeding critical values by far. A lasershow is the only real alternative by means of visual impact. Also, there is not only the "bang" noise but instead the visitor is experiencing a choreography of light and sound.So the viisitor of the event is not only pleased visually, but also the ears can participate. Of course, a lasershow is environment-friendly: There is no waste generated, no fine dust and residents are not exposed to the typical noise a firework creates. For these reasons, more and more cusomers are addressing these issues: "We want to use a lasershow that is sustainable for the environment!" The implementation of a lasershow is a little bit more complex and the audience has to be positioned more precisely - but with a lasershow you get a unique audiovisual experience that many visitors never experienced before.

Lasershow ACLS laser

The Right Feeling


A good camera doesn´t guarantee a good picture, the same is true with laser. It´s the right feeling that makes the difference.

Our company philosophy doesn´t allow us to buy cheap and simple graphics and shows to piece together, as so many often do. Our light art is result of our own creativity and vision.

The Newest Technology

An event is always a unique event with no second chance.

For this reason, the technology used must offer a maximum of failure safety. For example, ACLS was one of the first companies to use the latest diode laser technology. With the diode laser systems developed and manufactured by ourselves, a failure is practically impossible even without an expensive backup system, since each of the systems has several separate independent LASERs.

However, this is just one of the many advantages of our LASER systems:

  • Better visibility on the basis of the wavelength distribution used compared to the favorable LASER system.
  • More beautiful colors due to several different red and blue tones.
  • Low power consumption and air cooling. This makes it possible for the first time to realize Lasershows even in the most unusual places without an immense expense, eg at a mountain hut.
  • Very compact, therefore it is also possible to use in a confined space, eg on measuring stands or similar.
Show Laser
20 Watt Laser system

Better Color...

Bright alone is not enough for us. We attach great importance to a beautiful color distribution in our laser shops. Pure laser power is by no means as important as a nice color distribution. Since the color red is still deficient for technical reasons and the human eye sees red much worse than green, a high proportion of red is a prerequisite for beautiful colors. That is why all our LASER systems are matched so that they have at least 40% red content.

Rent a laser show system!

Frequently asked questions about lasershows

What is a lasershow?

  • Graphic show (projection)
    By quick deflection of light, elements like logos, 3D-animations, graphics, text, patrterns etc. are being projected onto a surface like a building, an ordinary canvas or even water. Also possible is the so called laser mapping, i.e. direct projection onto products or objects like vehicles, machines or a booth.
  • Beamshow (the core of a lasershow)
    Laserlight is being deflected into a 3D space, made visible by a light fog or mist. The effect: Your guests are right in the middle of the action. If you are booking this kind of lasershow, a very strong 3D-effect emerges. An special experience inspiring young and old people alike.
  • Light bridge (a bright open air beam)
    You can see it from afar in the night: laser beams are very well suited to connect objects in a city or to create a stunning visualization of planned art projects. Possible applications have no limits - we like to implement your ideas in a professional way or develop new opportunities for your individual case. Laser beams are visible as far as about 40 km, depending on weatrher conditions. 

 What is the duration of a lasershow?

Lasershows are performed mainly without a planned ending time. On the contrary, a choreographed lasershow is limited by the attention span of your guests. Depending on the case and customer wishes, a lasershow can range from 3 to about 30 minutes - or run in a loop for several hours. Generally, the costs are not depending on the duration of the lasershow. You don´t pay more if you use shows from our huge show pool. 

How much is a lasershow?

The costs of a show are determined by different factors. Decisive is the number of necessary showlasers as well as the effort of the creation of the laser choreography. Individual conception and programming is of course more costr intensive as using a show from the pool. When corporations or local authorities book a lasershow, individually composed lasershow are the standard procedure. For your guests, lasershows projected onto known buildings, logos or products have an especially emotional effect because of the recognition factor. Concerning individually programmed lasershows, we offer an optimized price-value ratio, because all of the work including 3D-animations, timeline, programming and audio cut are being performed within our own studio. Please consider also a prominent voice actor to uplift your event onto a new level accompanying the aspects of the laser show with his or her voice. Live and party lasershow are mostly less cost intensive, because no effort needs to be put into programming. You can choose from our vast show pool a top lasershow for your event. All lasershows from our pool are elaborate, created with love for details and many of them were created during 100 working hours and more. Also, we can use the pool lasershows and enhance them according to our customers wishes. If you want to order a lasershow, please contact us for consultation.

ACLS - What we achieve

in show technology, art and lasershows:

Fantastische Lasershow in der Flugwerft Oberschleißheim mit 6 RGB Lasersystemen.

Laser Art

Another important aspect for us is the realization of art through light. Only the continued dealing with the laser medium provides the possibility for realization of future ideas.


Laser Graphic Show

A graphic show is a projection show, which uses graphic symbols and animation. i. e. company-logos projected on a surface which can be a „normal“ screen, a net or a wall of water.

Strahlengitter Sicherheitssystem als Spezialeffekt für Film und Fernsehen

Laser Special Effects

Tension, optical effects, drama and rhythm, simulated danger, sience fiction – you know all this from cinema and TV. We do it, too, because we are specialists in special effects for theater, film, TV and stage.


Laser Beam Show

Laser beams are made visible by the use of fog. In an empty room, the viewer experiences a new mystic world somewhere between phantasy and realtity.

This is an unforgettable experience, fascinating for young and old alike.

To sum it up: There´s hardly another medium that fascinates people as much as a professional laser show.