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An event is always a unique event with no second chance.

For this reason, the technology used must offer a maximum of failure safety. ACLS was one of the first companies to use the latest diode laser technology. With the diode laser systems developed and manufactured by ourselves, a failure is practically impossible even without an expensive backup system. Because each of the systems has several separate independent LASERs.

However, this is just one of the many advantages of our LASER systems:

  • Better visibility on the basis of the wavelength distribution used compared to the favorable LASER system.
  • More beautiful colors due to several different reds and blues.
  • Low power consumption and air cooling. This makes it possible for the first time to realize Lasershows even in the most unusual places without an immense expense, eg at a mountain hut.
  • Very compact, therefore it is also possible to use in a confined space, eg on measuring stands or similar.
The 20 Watt RRGBB diode laser projector with a noteable beam quality of 0.3 mrad
Our diode lasers. Of course also with 16.7 mio colors

New in our stock:

Unique in Europe: Matchless laser graphics projector (self-developed):

Our high-speed scanning system can nearly doubleing the number of pixels (image refresh rate) than the current top systems. Thats why more detailed graphics can be projected, but without annoying image flicker and loss of brilliancy. Proven laser diode technology with perfectly matched lasers with even better beam data than before, 45 percent red portion Proven caseing principle, with mounting bracket for tripod and truss mounting.

All of our laser systems and associated equiptment comply with the legal and professional association regulations and have, of course, been taken several times by TÜV Süd.

More beautiful colors!

Bright alone is not enough for us. We attach great importance to a nice color distribution in our laser shops. Pure laser power is not so important as a nice color mixture. Since the color red is still deficient for technical reasons and the human eye sees red much worse than green, a high proportion of red is a prerequisite for beautiful colors. That is why all our LASER systems are matched so that they have at least 40% red content.




Our Graphic Design Studio:

Whether you want "only" your company logo or even a graphicshow full-animated graphicshow, no problem. With the use of 3D StudioMAX, our graphics department is able to put almost any of your wishes into reality.

You can send us your logo as an image file, we digitize it and then we can integrate your logo into one of our existing shows. You have your logo or the product to be presented already as a vector file or in a 3D format? Perfect! We can use this, after a small optimization, immediately and create from them a small animation.

Let your creativity run wild and unlike many of our competitors, we give your show the necessary touch emotion to make it unforgettable in your guests.