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Light art with video mapping! A large projection on its building facade.

Light art that is emotionally captivating. A video projection also enchants other guests.

Lighting art with video mapping is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary ways to illuminate a building, a facade or other objects. The viewer is taken on a journey into a virtual reality. A large projection on its building facade makes your event a real experience. Projections with Video mapping for your Event.

So you can tell great stories or even implement impressive lighting effects that inspire your audience and create powerful memories. Video mapping is a very special form of light art, with the help of which certain elements and devotees are specifically highlighted in order to make them appear in a completely new light. So a new fairytale world emerges from well-known everyday things or buildings that take you on an emotional journey of form, light and colour. A highlight for their event.

Whether it’s a city festival or a presentation, with light art from us we create a fantastic world for you and your audience. The possibilities of representation are almost unlimited. Whether you want to take your visitors into a fairy tale world, into the Middle Ages or into the future, it is only the imagination that sets the limits here. As an experienced light artist, I can develop a great concept for you and your event here. In doing so, I respond to their wishes and ideas and create with them an experience for their guests that transforms their concerns into an emotional and fantastic fireworks of light. In combination with an additional laser projection, I can offer you an additional highlight here. Call us and let us advise you.



Video mapping on Bulidings.

Videomapping a few photos of a small test setup.


Here are a few pictures of a setup at the market place in Aidenbach. This short project was just about testing what you can do in just one hour.

The test was thoroughly impressive considering the small amount of work that went into this project. In only one hour a great eye-catcher was created, which let the building virtually collapse.