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Light art installation solidarity. Shining bursts of light as rays of hope over Landshut.

A light art project of me with the city of Landshut in the cultureless Corona time.

The city of Landshut and the light artist Andreas Juergens, who has been responsible for the impressive New Year’s Eve laser shows in the Old Town over the past two years, are planning a light art installation from Trausnitz Castle over Christmas and New Year. In the project entitled “Bonnectedness – Rays of Hope”, seven fixed beams of light in the colors green, red, blue and yellow are directed at seven symbolically selected buildings. These bridges of light are from 22nd December 2020 to 3. It is intended to express the hope that better times will come in the new year despite the Corona pandemic.

“In this particularly dark time, when our daily lives are being affected by the Corona pandemic, we want to give a visible signal of people’s solidarity and confidence for 2021”, says Juergens. The campaign is intended to show that people in Landshut and the region stand together despite the restrictions on contact and the social and economic cuts, to overcome the pandemic and continue to live in health and happiness”, emphasises Lord Mayor Alexander Putz.

Each of the seven bridges of light connects Trausnitz Castle, the traditional symbol of protection of the city, with a different idea: the Martinskirche is illuminated as the central landmark of Landshut. The Church of St. Jodok in Freyung is the seat of the city church for faith and encouragement. The clinic is present as a token of gratitude for the efforts of doctors, medical staff and nurses and in memory of all the sick and those affected by the Corona pandemic. The Sportzentrum West is the symbol of the painfully missed grassroot sport, the lack of leisure activities and the longed-for social contacts. Seligenthal is a school location that brings to mind the great challenges in the field of education that teachers, educators, children and young people and their parents are facing. A beam of light leads into the Münchnerau industrial area as a sign for the companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers and solo self-employed bravely brave against the consequences of the lockdowns. Representing the business community, the company ebm papst is making its logistics centre available for the campaign. And last but not least, a bridge of light will be stretched over a large part of the city area in the direction of Altdorf - as a symbol that this is an action for the whole of Landshut and the region. So Shining seven bursts of light as rays of hope over Landshut.

The light art installation was opened on 22 October. December 2020 up to and including 3. The show will be seen every day from 5 to 9 p. m. Depending on the weather, the light bridges are recognizable in varying intensity – from barely perceptible in clear weather, to brightly luminous in fog, to sparkling bands of light in snowfall. The campaign was conceived by the City’s Office for Economic Affairs, Marketing and Tourism together with lighting artist Andreas Juergens. " With this installation, we want to encourage all of us”, says Michael Bragulla, Head of City Marketing. We would like to thank all the partners who make it possible. Especially the team of the Neue Burgschänke for their support. ”



Here are some more photos of this great light art project above Landshut

Here are a few pictures and impressions of this project.