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GLOWING SEAS between ebb and flow! Light Art by Andreas Juergens

A light art action that is intended to stimulate reflection on climate change.

As climate change became a more and more important topic, I also wanted to draw attention to the rising sea levels with a light art action. Something that does not directly affect us here in Lower Bavaria. This is how the idea for the light art project GLOWING SEAS between ebb and flow! was born between low and high tide. With two simple white-blue areas of light I created a virtual water surface behind my house on the garden lawn that slowly rose and receded again. Visitors were thus able to move freely through this symbolic expanse of water at the back of the site, diving in and even submerging themselves. This gave the viewer the impression of sinking into the surface.

One meter doesn't sound like much, but when you experience what 1 meter on a meadow means when you are sitting comfortably in a chair, then it quickly becomes clear what a catastrophe this would be/is for everyone on the coasts of this sea. But it also turned out that this light art installation was more than just that, the visitors were simply thrilled by the ever-changing spectacle of light and shadow of the moving surfaces, so that many of the visitors came several times just to dream and meditate.

It was an experience for young and old. Children who played with their own shadow in the light, hops and wanted to explore the space created by the light. Adults who, like the children, would be on the ground to really immerse themselves in this surreal world of light and shadow.

The result is a light art installation for reflection, dreaming and meditation. But also to experience space and time. To dive into a virtual flood, to submerge and understand what half a meter of higher water could really mean for everyone on the coast!



Pictures for dreaming and thinking of GLOWING SEAS between eb and tide.