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Light Art Installation Encounter under the Light Cross! by Andreas Juergens

A light art project of me with the parish association Laim in Munich.


An ecumenical sign of solidarity and peace during Advent.

“The green laser beams above Laim are a plus sign of the bond between all the people who live in this district, this city, our country – regardless of their faith or origin”, says parish priest Ralph Regensburger, who initiated the action, describing the intention and symbolism of the art installation. Light artist Andreas Juergens adds to the background of his installation: “The light cross should also be a sign that reminds us of peace. Especially at a time when nationalism is once again becoming acceptable all over the world, it is particularly important to remember that our peace is not self-evident. Moreover, we hope for an encounter between all these people, and we invite them to make themselves an image of the Church in order to experience that together we are a great community and can belong to it. ”

The rays were from to the St. Twelve Apostles and the Evangelical Lut. Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche sent on their journey through the congregations and end at the congregation of St. Philip and Name of Jesus at; a third ray then connects the Gospel. Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche with the cat. Church of St. Ortisei to symbolize the ecumenism. Thus, the 4 churches of the parish association Laim together with the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche a large ecumenical cross of light as a sign of unity and peace. Especially at a time when nationalism is once again becoming saloonable all over the world, it is particularly important to remember that our peace is not self-evident. Peace is not in vain, but is based on giving some of the cake to those who have less than we have. At least it should be enough for everyone to live in peace and dignity.

Very special thanks for the support to the committed main and honorary staff of the parish association Laim, among them in charge parish vicar Ralph Regensburger and Sebastian Wagner, member of the parish council and the church administration of St. Ulrich and representatives of the Paul-Gerhardt-Church. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them all.



Light Art Installation Encounter under the Light Cross! by Andreas Juergens
Light Art Installation Encounter under the Light Cross! by Andreas Juergens

Thoughts on Light Art Action Encounter under the Light Cross.

I see a piece of a green ray in the sky that doesn’t seem to fit into my everyday life. A green incision that illuminates the night above me, that appears from somewhere and disappears behind the next house, that spans the sky above the canyons of streets in my city like a bridge of light. What are you doing? That’s what I think. I look around and see how other passers-by look at the sky curiously. I am becoming aware that I am not the only one asking this question. I encounter the questioning gaze of another and start thinking about why, and that I am not alone with this question.

An important thought, I’m not alone. How many people have I met today without noticing them? I give in to my curiosity and follow the beam. On my way through the snowy streets of Munich, I am always reminded of Christmas by the many chains of lights and illuminated trees. Then I suddenly see a cross of light above me, a plus sign that connects.

Thus, everyone who sees the luminous cross should make his own thoughts and hopefully find new directions of vision for himself. I also want to express that all of us who live in this city are "on the road together". No ethnicity, no language, no ideology or religion may be excluded. We want to set an example that Munich can continue to be the "cosmopolitan city with a heart". The Light Bridge also carries the message to us in the district that church communities care about all of us. That churches are not just for those who go to church every Sunday. No, they deliberately want to set a sign with this light art action for those who have completely forgotten how important community can be for everyone. It is meant to invite us to meet again, be it with God or just with other fellow human beings. The cross of light in green colour wants to be a sign of hope. But in the diagonal measurements, which are almost the same length, these crossed lines are not only to be understood as a religious sign that irritates non-Christians. These crossed lines of equal length can also be understood as a large plus sign that unites all opposites: north and south, east and west; light and dark, light and shadow. It is meant to be a sign that unites, not divides.

The rays of light are also provocative: not everyone will take a favourable note of you. I'm sure there will also be many who take exception to it for a variety of reasons. But this will also lead to encounters, or to simply looking up into the sky, to switch off and become aware of how small and insignificant we are in the cosmic sense, then our own problems may not seem so big anymore.


Thus, in this cross of light one can see a sign of the common. A sign that urges peace. How small and short in reality is our peace, of which we are so proud, is not known to many. The rays span only a tiny part of the city, just as our peace is a ridiculous 73 years old. Before that, there was virtually no period of peace in Europe for more than 1700 years that lasted more than a few decades! Since the Roman Empire, we are the first generation to grow up without war! ( This is why we are particularly interested in 2019: We are celebrating 101 years of the Free State of Bavaria, 101 years of democracy. 101 years ago, the First World War ended. 81 years ago, synagogues burned, and in this city “the movement” began. With the green cross of light of hope, I want to make a visible commitment to our country, to our openness to the world and tolerance, but also to our cultural and religious tradition.